Today is the holiday of Purim, one of my favorites.  Tonight, Jan and I went to hear the megillah reading at Hineni.  Rebbitzin Jungreis gave me a blessing for good health and also suggested I read Psalm 20 seven times a day.  The megillah reader was Dr. Michael Zelefsky who is the “engineer” setting up my treatment team at Sloan-Kettering,  He is such a charming gentle and competent man and has assured me that I am and will continue to be with the best team to make me well.  


While waiting for the biopsy appointment to be scheduled, I am enjoying this lull before the storm; going to school, spending time with my precious husband and children, and just taking life a moment at a time.  I am so grateful not to have to deal with the cancer for right now.


Thank you to all who have called and written notes.  I am truly a very blessed person having so many people in my corner.

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