A New Week, A New Stage

After all the tears and fears, I am now less emotional and very very angry about this whole nightmare.  I keep wondering how this happened when I have never smoked, drank, watched my diet, exercised, lived a simple life and did what my doctors have told me.  Granted I have lived 54 years in excellent health with no surgery or hospital stays.  But the question Why is still ruminating in my brain.  I am trying my best to accept that this is the way it is supposed to be at this time but I am still angry.  Hopefully I can channel this anger into energy for the big battles.


The good news is that we think the biopsies and port placement may be this Friday, March 28th.  Step one is just a few days away!

Thank you for all the phone calls, cards, emails, and prayers.  You are all in my thoughts and I realize how fortunate Jan and I are to have such a tremendous support system.  We both love you.

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