What a crazy day.  I decided to go to work to make sure I was distracted all day.  Jan called at 8:00am asking for my PET scan discs that he needed to drop off at the doctor’s office across town by 9:00.  That wonderful man took his motorcycle and raced the results across town.  The doctor’s were meeting about the plan for tomorrow’s biopsy.  At 10:00, my cell phone rings again and the hospital wants me to report in at 1:00 for another MRI!.  I arrange to leave work, get to the hospital and have the MRI.  I then ask why? I just did this scan last week.  The doctor tells us that the last tests are inconclusive that the cancer really spread to the shoulder and they just want to make sure before they biopsy the area.  This gave us a little hope since the scapula is the only place it seems the cancer has spread from the kidney and would make things less complicated if it were true.


And so tomorrow morning, I will spend the day again at Sloan for the biopsy and pray for the best.  Results will probably be a week later.  So many people around the world are pulling and praying for us and I truly believe that that is what will help me get well and the doctors will assist!!!  Who would have thought from a person who hardly believed there was such a thing as a God 7 years ago!

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