The Biopsy

I reported to Sloan at 11:15 but the biopsy did not even begin until 2:30.  What a busy place.  It is almost more frightening seeing the numbers and ages of people with cancer than dealing with your own illness.  And the attitudes of the people were amazing.  The staff is very upbeat, gentle, and caring.  Many patients are cooperative and as with me, hoping for the best.  And then you have those who complained the entire time about the wait or wanted to share the gory details of their story.  My Secret: I took my knitting with me and most people either commented on its beauty or just left me alone.  I liked the solitude of knitting and listening.

The biopsy itself was very uncomfortable since the radiologist informed me that the second MRI was inconclusive on the scapula so they are going in.  This saddened me because they have not ruled out the possibility or the spreading but he said the spread is so small that it would even be difficult for him to achieve.


I was fortunate enough to be highly sedated and although I sometimes felt the pain  and could hear what they were doing, overall I was very out of it.  The payback was that at 8:00PM I was still heavily sedated and very nauseated.  Finally we arrived home and once I hit my own bed, I was gone for about 4 hours. A little more pain meds and I slept the rest of the night like a baby.  

It is 6:30 am and I am uncomfortable but glad the first step has been taken.  Jan and I had the grandiose idea that I could make it to the Cape for the weekend but the reality is…..More meds and back to bed for awhile.  I would so love to see the beach but even I, who would try anything to get there, know that is not the smartest thing to do.  So I will close my eyes and imagine.


Thank you for all of your prayers and strength.  The blog comments are not working properly at this point so if you would like to contact me: or at home.


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