This just in… Baruch Hashem. We were just notified by our good friend, our dear engineer behind the scenes at Sloan Kettering, Dr. Michael Zelefsky, that Debbi’s bone scan is clean. Sure the cancer is still in Debbi’s kidney, but at least it has not spread to the bone. Now we have fighting chance to get through this. We are so thankful to all of our family and friends and readers of the blog for their prayers and good wishes as we know that these efforts culminated in this wonderful news. 

In an hour, we are off to meet with our oncologist Dr. Dean Bajorin, where we expect to be formally told these findings and to receive instructions as to the program of chemotherapy with Cisplatin. We have now heard from several oncologists including Dr. Dov Gorshein who put it succintly… “go with the Cisplatin and kick it really hard from the outset… then get the kidney out of there.”

Chemo starts at 1pm.


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