Chemo #2 Jan’s Perspective

First off, we have been watching the hit count on Debbi’s Journey. During the tension filled days before we found out that the bone scans were clear, almost 170 people per day were reading the blog. Now that things are somewhat routine we are down to about 75 per day. Definitely we are looking forward to retiring the blog as soon as we can. 

Today, Debbi handled the chemo like a champ. Started off by having the port accessed & blood drawn. While we were waiting to see Dr. Bajorin, the lab processed the blood and had the report ready for the Dr. just as he came into see us. All seems progressing as it should. He reviewed Debbi’s account of her response to the first chemo and said all is going as expected. 

Back down to the first floor, Eydie hooked up the Zofran (for nausea), then the JellyBean (as Debbi calls the Gemcitabene), the Mannitol, and now the Cisplatin is almost finished. Soon the rest of the saline solution will be complete and we will be on our way home. Things sure seem to go more smoothly when you know the routine… And once again, all the staff here at Sloan Kettering have been wonderful, going well beyond the scope of their employment to try to know and bring comfort to their patients and also those accompanying the patients.

Debbi has always been super-sensitive to cold and all the room temperature liquid going straight to her kishkes only exacerbates the situation. Technology to the rescue, we bought Debbi an electric blanket with a good temperature control. Took us a bit to figure out how to keep the plastic drip tube for the chemo from getting twisted in the wires of the electric blanket but once we came up with a system, it became routine as the medication makes you visit the bathroom frequently. 

Just finishing up now. Hope to even be able to go out together later today to do some last minute shopping for Passover. Thanks again to all for their prayers and good wishes.


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