The Day After #2

This has been a fantastic day.  This is the longest I have been able to stay awake.  Last night, we were informed that The caterer’s for Aaron’s wedding filed Chapter 11 and they will have to find a new place for the wedding.  OK. Katherine’s plane arrived 5 hour late but safely. OK.  The kids have taken over the kitchen and seem to be doing alright in there, and if not…it’s OK. Friends have sent in so much food that there is very little preparation to do and we are so blessed.  I am appreciating each and every moment that I have with my family and taking everything as it comes.  A great way to live. Why did I have to get sick in order to learn the most important lesson of all:  I don’t always have to be the giver, the caretaker, the responsible scheduler……That others can and want to give and take care of me if I let them.  What a gift and it’s OK.





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