Due to the after Chemo steroids I not was not only able to stay up all day, but I am also up all night too!  

Last night, as I sat down to the dinner table surrounded by my four children and their significant others, all I could do was weep tears of joy.  I looked in each of their beautiful faces, appreciated each of their personalities, how they came dressed (from Rea’s hair scarf and modest dress to Josh and Aaron in their shorts and Birkenstocks and Shira in her jeans)  and was so grateful to have them all seated at a table together.  Even the new baby was kicking while we sang and enjoyed each another.  I am so fortunate that I am not one of those people who when their life is threatened thinks I should have spent more time with my family.  My family has  been and is my life.  I am tempted to say the special Hebrew Prayer called SHEHECHEYANU which thanks God for bringing me to this moment constantly.

I was fortunate to have a few hours with Katherine alone to just talk, Rea and Shuie did the shopping and they climbed into my bed also for a schmooze.  Jan teased us that there was no room for him and Katherine even offered to polish his nails pink if he joined us. LOL.  Aaron and Stephanie found a new venue for the wedding, and Shira and Leo arrived just in time for dinner bearing gifts to remind me of the beach and dazzling smiles.

But the ultimate pleasure was to listen to them discussing the sex of this new baby and the pros and cons of what they think it should be.  Shira and Katherine were down right unhappy that they were not informed once Rea and Shuie knew.  They examined the sonogram pictures and all have decided that the baby has Rea’s turned up nose.  And so as the evening wore on, Rea and Shuie informed all of us that the baby is a boy and the kids were all so excited to be in on the news.  Rea explained the gift of a first born male, circumcision celebrations and an added pidyon ha ben party when the baby is 30 days old ( a special buy back  from God).   Please God, we shall all be healthy and have that little boy share these wonderful family occasions with us.

Tonight will be the first seder that does not start until 8:20 PM.  Hope I can get some sleep during the day today so I will be able to be there with them again.  Passover is a celebration of new beginnings.  The perfect time to wish new beginnings to all of you.  That health and serenity come your way.  That you find those little miracles each day that bring meaning to your life.  That you appreciate each and every day and smile.  PRAY HARD for me as I Pray for you and with a complete circle we have to succeed.

Love to all 

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