Eliyahu HaNavi visited 3 times on Pesach???

Well, as you may know, Eliyahu HaNavi, Elijah the Prophet, visits once at each Passover seder and since those of us who live outside of the land of Israel conduct two seders at the beginning of Passover, we would expect two visits on Passover from Elijah. However, Debbi and I were fortunate to have had a third visit from Eliyahu.

As I wrote previously, we were in room 511A and we had the suite to ourselves. This past Thursday morning, another patient was admitted to 511B. Sad to report, the roommate was really in a difficult way. After listening sympathetically for the entire day, at bedtime, Debbi was having a tough time blocking out the crying, even with high strength earplugs, so that she could get some much needed rest.

We asked our nurse if there was any way that we could move to a different room so that Debbi’s healing could continue. The floor supervisor shortly decided that it would be best to move the roommate to a private room where all her needs could be handled more efficiently. Even though the roommate was transferred, somehow Debbi was left with fears related to her own destiny and whether it would be similar to the roommates.

At approximately midnight, out of nowhere, Eliyahu showed up in 511A. I am sure that by now, any reader of the blog can guess that Eliyahu was disguised as Dr. Michael Zelefsky. He quickly reassured Debbi of the treatment plan reminding her that Dr. Russo, the oncological kidney surgeon was standing by, monitoring Debbi’s progress, and waiting to take the kidney at the appropriate time. Patiently listening to Debbi’s fears, Michael was able to quickly calm Debbi and re-instill a vision of hope that included one day looking back and having this whole incident be nothing more than a bad memory.

May G-d grant Michael and his family health, happiness, and all good things for many, many years to come.

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