Yesterday and so far this morning have been uneventful and that to me means excellent.The pain meds did their thing, I was able to eat 3 meals (lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, YUM), had enough energy to do some tasks around the apartment (get rid of the Matzah), and work on next weeks lesson plans and leave of absence paper work. My colleague, Susan called so excited yesterday because at a training meeting, she was acknowledged with many compliments and encouragement since she has taken on the task to assist my classroom in maintaining the stable environment for my children.  And so it should be. Her extra work has given me the chance to accept more and mourn less.  At 4:30 this morning, Jan and I were talking about the school decision and I was very weepy.  I tried to explain to him about the need for closure for children, the need to say good-bye, and the fact that when they came to school yesterday they expected to see me and were disappointed.  The children and I had marked each day I was to be absent with a picture of my glasses so they would know what days I would be there and which I would not.  Well yesterday, they did not understand since there were no glasses on the calendar and where was Ms. Debbi? My technologically adept husband has a few ideas up his sleeve.  He is going to check if our computer system in school will accept videos that I can make here, reading or telling stories to the children.  That way, I can introduce them to new books not in the classroom and they can see me and hear me tell the story.  This would really make me so happy if he is able to do this. So hopefully, today and tomorrow will also be uneventful and that I can get my boxing gloves on the fight this disease with Chemo on Thursday.  Call 212-787-6530 if you have a few seconds to spare or write a note jan@buckler.com.  I so look forward to hearing from everyone and I do answer all my mail.  

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