Today has started out a little more slowly than yesterday.  I am nauseated and a little more tired.  I know I am feeling more stress since tomorrow is a chemo day so I will try to take it a little easier today.

I am getting letters out to note the change in venue for Aaron’s wedding and my lesson plans for next week will be sent to Janet Zuniga, my Vice Principal today.  Janet has been so supportive and has faxed me jobs to do to help her.  I suspect she is really trying to help me by keeping me busy. She knows who she is dealing with.  I am so grateful to be able to stay in the loop and not feel totally out there.

I got three phone calls from people reprimanding me that I didn’t get the blog for yesterday up early enough. LOL.  Yes, I was a little late, Sorry.  It kind of humors me to think that first thing in the morning, people head to the blog to see what I am up to.  But it is very comforting in many ways that they care enough and support me every which way they can.  I hope when I am well again, that I can offer the support that I receive daily to someone else who needs it.  

Going it alone has got to be the worst.  The nurses at Sloan told me how sad it is for people who check themselves in, are alone all the time, and check themselves out of the hospital and go home alone.  I can’t even imagine or rather would not wish to imagine.  Th support that I get from all over is what drives me to get up each day and fight back.

So, brush up on those prayers and get that energy revved up to help me get through tomorrow.  I’ll be thinking of you all with tremendous gratitude.

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