Just a little while ago, I received the most wonderful phone call.  Ms Sonya, my substitute, called and let me hear the children telling me about the butterflies hatching and they are letting them fly to me today.  I told them how much I missed them and love them which of course they responded likewise and their little voices meant so much to me.  I told them I was proud of what good listeners they have been, congratulated two of the children on recent birthdays, turning 5, and being ready for Kindergarten.  I wish I could have stayed on the line all day.  They had so much to say and all I wanted to do was listen.

Then I explained to them about gifts.  Some you buy at the store, some come in boxes with bows, but the most special ones come from the heart.  The gift of hearing their voices is one that came from the heart and needless to say made me very emotional.  I really, really miss them.

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