Miss Popularity???

Everybody wants Miss Popularity. Literally a tug of war. Which of the two suitors gets to take Miss P. to the prom? 

Well, maybe Debbi felt a little like that this evening. After the consult on Friday with Dr. Healey, Head of Orthopaedics, and passing her Pre-Admission Testing today, Debbi received a phone call around 3pm notifying her that all went well and that she was scheduled for surgery to remove the Caracoid process Tuesday (tomorrow)… arrival at 9:30 for surgery at 11AM.  

At 5pm, Dr. Healey himself called Debbi and informed her that Dr. Bajorin decided that it was critical to stay on the chemo schedule and that the surgery would have to be scrubbed until the 6 chemo cycles were complete. Dr. Healey apologized for dragging Debbi to the East Side for Pre-Admission testing etc. but he said it was necessary to defer to Dr. Bajorin.

Thus, we are not going to Sloan Kettering tomorrow but we are planning to be there on Thursday for Cycle #2 Chemo #2. Imagining the phone call between Dr. Healey and Dr. Bajorin made me think of the Miss Popularity analogy. Hopefully, the BEST POSSIBLE CARE for Debbi is uppermost on the minds of all those involved in her healing. Therefore we appreciate everyone’s expertise and will progress as directed.

Imagining Debbi’s shoulder without any cancer was a very encouraging thought. Even though the chemo acts on all areas of the body, including the caracoid process, the rate at which the chemo attacks the cancer is certainly less than the speed of the surgeon’s prowess. We will readjust our mindsets and look forward to our next milestone… scans in approximately one month which will, Please G-d, show evidence that the chemo is working.   

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