It is a new day and a sunny beautiful one at that.  The new medication has to go.  I slept all day from it and so I will go back to the lower dosage during the day.  I am awake with a little energy this morning which I will use to wash my hair.  I am having some shortness of breath today which I will have to check out with the doctor later but otherwise, doing OK. 

Aaron and Stephanie are due for the day and overnight so I will have company and will hear all about the wedding plans. I am so looking forward to being able to focus on something else besides just what is happening here in the apartment.  It will be great to see them.

Plan to do more recording of DebbiReads this weekend and paper work for school.  Otherwise, a quiet Memorial day weekend.  A far cry from being at the beach in Cape Cod but I know this is where I belong for today.

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