Today we have a later appointment with the doctor and an afternoon chemo treatment.  Jan has meetings until at least 2:00 so I will take myself to the preliminary blood work and doctor appointment and he will meet me for the treatment.

I have been very tired all weekend and accomplished nothing school-wise.  I have also had a few panic attacks and have had to recoup from those.  My precious husband is so weary watching me and I am sure worn out.  

But, the good thing is that after today we are half way through the planned chemo and next week we can take a look to see how much progress we are making.  I am certain that once we have an idea of what is happening, I will be able to gather up the strength to continue foraging through the next 3 rounds.  The knock downs in between have really taken the wind out of my sails.

I realize that I have asked for so much from all of you for over 2 months now.  The novelty has worn off and Prayers are even more important now.  Please use every bit of strength that you have to help us through these next few months.  It is a lot to ask but very much needed.  Wishing you health and serenity.

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