I am half way there!!!!!  I took myself to the hospital and did all the preliminaries including meeting with the doctor by myself yesterday.  I must admit I will a little nervous and prayed hard that I had the strength and it happened.  Jan showed up after his meetings during the chemo to take me home.  

Dr Bajorin has a very dry sense of humor and it took me awhile to catch on to him.  My initial reaction to him was a cold character but think of what he does everyday.  So I said to him, “We have now killed the white cells, my immune system, and red cells, what do we kill next?”  He said, “How about the turmor?” and smiled. AHA, I forgot that’s what we are really after since taking it one day at a time I was just dealing with what is right in front of my nose.  And it has been a lot.

All  of the numbers were in the right place yesterday and so it was no wonder that I felt enough like myself to accomplish what I did.  I sailed through the chemo although I was very tired and came home and ate CHINESE FOOD!!!! This is a miracle.  For someone eating yogurt, applesauce, chicken soup and half sandwiches here and there that Lo mein, fried rice, AND dumpling were amazing.

I am up and ready to go again.  Today I will get my school work done and head over to Sloan this afternoon for a white blood cell booster shot.  I am so looking forward to talking with my kids at school too.  Between the holiday and me not feeling well, it has been awhile. has been such a hit that my sister gets on to hear the stories and my longtime, dear friend, Susan Polansky sent me a children’s book from Pittsburgh that she loved about Andy Warhol to add to the list.  It’s a wonderful book and I probably would not have found it.  I think it very important to introduce young children to many art forms and artists.

Howard Nadel, the man I knew who contacted me when he read the blog, is having his kidney surgery today.  Please add a little prayer to your list today for him.  You all helped my sister through her surgery and you help me daily.  When we work together our power is amazing! Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy day.

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