The day began a little nerve wracking when I stood up and my blood pressure dropped again and my pulse went to 54 and I thought, “No way, Urgent Care again!”  But I laid back down, ate some salty things, drank a lot and went back to sleep.  Better this time upon arising.

After a very restful day at home yesterday, I accomplished so much.  I was able to do most of my school work, shop on-line for my new grandchild, and confer with Stephanie about a wrap she needs for the wedding.  I also got to spend 1/2 hour with my children at school after they heard their new book about Giraffe’s who can’t dance on debbireads.  I took long naps in between and had a really good day.

I have a lot planned for today.  At 7:30 this morning I am attempting to go to a circumcision of a new grandson of my friend Gail.  Gail goes to Dr. appointments with me and makes the best Tomato soup and calls constantly to be of assistance.  I am going to try to walk the 2 blocks to the synagogue to celebrate this special time with her.  At 9:30, my cousin Sam Milkman is coming for a visit and then I hope to sleep for awhile.  My brother-in-law, Scott is coming to keep me company for the afternoon and then Aaron and Steph will be in tonight overnight and for tomorrow.  And since it is Friday, and the Sabbath tonight, Jan comes home from work early!

I know what I am doing tomorrow already…….SLEEP.

Please say some extra prayers for my sister, Ellen today.  She has a touch a pneumonia and has returned to the hospital.  She is an icon to respect and admire for all that she has endured to just be alive.  Thanks.


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