Chemo#4 is Almost Complete

Chemo #4, Round #2 was almost complete this afternoon.  It was much harder and I was very very exhausted but I have perked up a little tonight.  Tomorrow, I will return in the morning to Sloan for Blood Transfusions and a Nuprigen shot (white cell booster).  This will complete round 4 and get me in the best shape to participate in Aaron’s wedding.  Also with two weeks off, I should be less fatigued and hopefully less emotional.  This would really make me happy since I have been so anxious about this since the first day I was told I had cancer.  I want to be able to enjoy life’s special moments to the fullest. 

I will not be here tomorrow morning.  For those who worry if I cannot be reached or the blog is not written on on time, I am writing tonight to keep you informed. I should be back here early afternoon. Pray hard.

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