Good Morning Monday

I awoke to a gorgeous sunny day here in NYC.  I am so grateful to have slept through the night and for this minute feel a little like myself.  Of course Jan has not given me the heprin shot yet.  I plan to negotiate with the doctors today to take this shot at night since I am having a very sick reaction to it and it takes me half a day to recover from it.  I also need to increase the Zophran since nausea has really become an issue as treatments accumulate.

Obviously, I have no big plans for today but I do want to get rid of clothing I no longer wear and de-clutter this apartment.  It is starting to get on my nerves.  Jan will tell you this is a good sign and I must be feeling a bit better when I start rearranging things.

Rea and Shuie leave for a week at Cape Cod today and will be joined by Josh and Katherine later in the week.  I am so glad the house is being used this summer but I miss being there with my kids.  I try to console myself with the notion that I cannot go to the beach or out on the deck since I cannot be in the sun.  What else would I do there that I cannot do here?  It works for a little while.

Right now I am working on being strong enough for the wedding and getting myself through the rest of these treatments to get back to work and become a grandmother.  That’s enough to keep me going for the minute.

Time to decide what to eat this morning.  Food is still an issue but i still try to do the best I can.  Wishing you a healthy and contented day.

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