Its Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and thank goodness, no chemo.  I spent yesterday in bed resting, not sleeping, and the day was so long.  The weather was rainy and humid so I didn’t go out until later in the evening.  Jan met me at the drug store 3 blocks away.  It was difficult to go the 3 blocks, purchase a few items and walk back.  I will continue to try to build up during this time off.

The new news.  The cistplatin (the main chemo drug) can cause permanent hearing loss.  I have had ringing in my ears lately and granted my family history is of hearing loss, but the doctor thinks the drugs will not make this easier.  Another hurdle.  Thank goodness I took 2 sign language courses but will have to get really good at it.  There are computers to communicate with others, and there are implants that can help with hearing loss.  I can handle these things if we can just get rid of this disease.

It is gorgeous outside so I think I may try to sit on the bench across the street for a few minutes today. Have to watch how much sun I get.  Time for breakfast.


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