Tough Night

Jan was very busy at work and had an appointment in the evening so I was home alone for a very long time yesterday.  This is not good because I had too much time to think.  My mind went to places I try to avoid and by the time Jan came home, I was hysterical.  I must admit that fear is such a powerful thing and when it is let in the door it consumes you.  I was consumed last night.

I really try not to feel sorry for myself since there are others who have it much more difficult than I do, but yesterday was my day. And so, it is a new day and my mind need some other stimulation besides just me. I am going to try to walk around my building  a few times today and see what the world has to offer outside this building.  

For now, I am just grateful for the light of a new day and a chance to do something else.  Also there are no treatments and I do feel a little better.  I just need more strength.

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