A Date

Jan called around 4:00 yesterday and asked me out on a date to the movies.  I have not been to the movies in 5 months and decided to try it.  We cabbed over the 5 blocks and I even got to browse the Gap sale next store.  It was difficult for me to sit through “GET SMART” but I even walked home in the night air slowly.  I must admit I was so thrilled and the air felt so good.  The pain in my shoulder was huge upon return but I was due for meds and when they kicked it, Voila! A perfect date.  

I know Jan has tried so hard to be everything to everyone in this family and this disease and the economy has put tremendous pressure on him along with his own diabetic care.  He is doing so so much and never ever complains.  How thoughtful was he to ask me out to the movies and encourage me to try?  I couldn’t disappoint him by refusing to try because I was afraiid and in doing so, I made both of us proud.  He is amazing.

Today, I am expecting my sister-in-law, Renee and a special support, Bonnie Fertel for a visit.  This should be so much fun since there is so much to share with these two women (a long history) and they have both been tremendous emotional support for me during this journey.  I know who to call when I get scared.

And so, it is one week tonight for Aaron’s wedding and I know that I am going to make it and be able to celebrate with them to the best of my present ability. After all, I went out on date last night and it was successful.

 Wishing you health and serenity today.  Enjoy the sunshine.

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