Today is the day that Henri will finally color and cut my hair.  I  thought he would have to come to me here in the city but I feel well enough for Jan to take me to Caldwell to his salon.  It will be easier for Henri to work his magic there.  I haven’t done anything to my hair since my diagnosis since I really wasn’t sure I would have hair at this time.  I am so fortunate that it has only thinned but I had such thick hair prior to chemo that it is not really noticeable.  For this I am very grateful. A special thanks goes to my sister-in-law, Renee, for making this happen for me.

It is so hot and mostly I have gone out for early morning walks and then slept the days away.  I am trying to save as much energy as possible before the kids arrive tomorrow and the pre-wedding stuff begins.  I am so grateful that I am doing well enough to enjoy this special time.  

So for right now, I will shower and nap before we leave for Caldwell.   Have a beautiful, sunny day.

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