IT’s Tuesday and No Chemo

It is Tuesday and it is an off Tuesday with no chemo.  I was more awake yesterday but still very nauseous.  It amazes me how long this poison stays with you.  I have next Tuesday and the following Tuesday ahead of me and the thought of it makes me want to escape.  But I will do it knowing that the chemo is working and hopefully one day be able to look at this as a bad nightmare.  I wonder how long it will take to get this treatment out of my body completely.  I find I am taking more of the my other meds and barely making it to the time allotment just to get through the day.  In the beginning, I was trying to spread out the time and take as little as possible.

Plan for the day.  Think about whether I really can make it to Boston for Carter Jake Boggs circumcision and naming on Thursday and go on to the Cape or should I just stay here for the next few days and rest. Hard on for my brain because I am almost willing to anything different than what I am doing now.

I had a great day with Rea and Shuie which helped the time to pass by until Jan arrived home.  Our Baby Einstein Pack and Play arrived yesterday and so Rea and I put it together and played with the toys.  I was even thinking of not taking my meds this morning and driving 10 minutes to Rea’s so I can go see “Ricky Martin” on the sonogram at her doctor’s appointment.  Know better than to try that one.  I have not driven a car since April.

As you can see, I am feeling better in my mind thinking of all the trouble I can get into.  Physically, I am so far behind and really know better.  But it keeps me going.

Wishing you a mobile and creative day.

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