Yesterday was a great day.  I not only was awake most of the day but was able to accomplish some tasks like knitting and reading.  Did a lot of phone visiting.  Thanks for calling.  And overall felt quite encouraged that I may be able to feel good again.

I have a difficult decision to make today.  I must notify my school about the possibility of needing more time to recover and return to my classroom.  I really want to start the school year off with the children in September but even I am trying to be realistic and know in my heart that I need more time.  That’s even if there is no surgery.  But I do want to return to school with the energy and enthusiasm that my children deserve each and every day.  So today I will reach out to see what the possibilities are.  I am very concerned about health insurance issues since as a state employee, I have been very fortunate to have almost all of my very expensive fees covered by our insurance.

We have still not decided if we are going to attempt the Boston/Cape trip tonight or tomorrow or at all.  Can’t decide if it is worth taking the chance because right now I feel good.  The vertigo has decreased and I am concerned that the car ride might just exacerbate it.  Will think it through some more.  I do want to see our New England family members and go home to the cape for the weekend.  One of my neighbors called to tell me how gorgeous the hydrangea beds look; just overflowing with huge blue snowballs.

Rea and Shuie sent me sonogram pictures of my grandson’s face last night.  I think he looks like Rea and she is cute as a button.  “Auntie Shira” and I are just waiting to pounce to hold that little guy.  Five more weeks and prayers that he is healthy and his mom has an easy delivery.

I think I will return to bed and watch the lightning storm for awhile, clean up, and knit a little more.  Hard to believe, I ate pizza for breakfast!



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