That’s Entertainment

For the third day in a row, I was up and functioning and feeling quite good.  I almost finished the sweater for the baby (one little sleeve and sew together to go),ate really well (even some cooked vegetables), and in the afternoon, took the walk that I think about daily.

I was about to leave for the Three long block walk to Barnes and Nobles when Rose offered to go with me.  We walked the whole way over, spent an hour looking at books and videos as well as had coffee and tea, and walked back. As we approached our last block I could feel a little of the vertigo set in but immediately took my meds and laid down and drank a lot of fluids and pulled through.  I also now have a 4 book and 3 video stash for the weekend and ready for the next 2 weeks of bedrest.  It feels so good when I can accomplish something other than walking around my apartment.

My plan for today is to get ready foodwise for the weekend, draft the letters I need for my extended leave, finish the baby’s sweater, straighten up the apartment for the cleaning lady to come (it’s been two weeks), and visit with my sister-in-law, Renee who says she is coming at lunchtime.

I am so hopeful that I will come through all of these treatments and return to some semblance of my life especially  when I have 3-4 days in a row off feeling “somewhat” normal.  These little peeks into health are what give  me the courage to go back for more treatments, keeps my hope alive and my spirits uplifted.  We are so close to the next phase that I can taste it.

For right now, I will sit quietly and be grateful for all the phone visits yesterday, and the fact that I awoke to another sunny day and the ability to get out of my bed and take care of myself.  I will also pray for a very long time, close friend of mine who was just diagnosed with beginning Alzheimers at age 63 . I adore her and it really saddens my heart to know what is ahead for her. I guess we are all getting older. 

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