My lunch partner yesterday turned out to be my brother-in-law, Scott not his wife, Renee.  We decided to go outside and walk down to the pier and have lunch al fresco.  What a gift to be able to sit outside under an umbrella for over an hour and visit with one of the most delightful people I cherish.

This morning I awoke early and was bright eyed and just wanted to go outside again before it gets too hot.  I asked Jan if he would join me down by the water so that I can say my prayers there and meditate.  He agreed to walk the 23 flights of stairs to do this with me (it’s the Sabbath and Jan does not ride in the elevator) and we sat riverside and prayed separately but nearby. It so difficult for me to pray formally now because I usually cry so much I cannot see the words.  So I did a little of both Formal and personal and made the contact I needed.  It was quite wonderful being in the breeze, the sun coming up, listening to the river and the cars of course as well as the new ducklings who have really grown these past few weeks.

Aaron and Stephanie just arrrived for a short visit and so I will go spend some time with them.  Wishing you the gift of a peaceful, grateful, and serene day.

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