Sunday Visits

Today is Sunday and we are planning to spend the morning at Rea’s with our grand-daughters Simi and Huvie.  We have not seen them since Aaron’s wedding weekend and so I am sure they will be revved up to play with their favorite toy, JAN.  I am so looking forward to watching them manipulate and torment him. LOL.

We also plan to go to the BIG grocery stores in NJ to stock up on water type drinks since I am required to drink at least 60-80 oz of water/liquid a day for the rest of my life.  The kidneys are much happier since I drink more.  This was a problem for me prior to cancer diagnosis because I didn’t want to keep running to the bathroom while teaching in school.   Now it is a necessity especially if I may be functioning with only one kidney.

Later this afternoon, after nap, Aaron will return  to spend time with us and maybe I will have the energy to take him out to dinner.  Again, one of those things we will have to evaluate the energy level at the time.

So for today, I am so grateful I have many things to look forward to, spending time with my family, and still feeling more like me.  Looming in my mind is Tuesday but that’s 2 days away.  Today is Today and it is the gift sitting in my lap right now.  Everyday is its own gift package waiting to be opened and experienced.


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