Quiet Monday

I have no plans for today except to take it easy since this is the last day before Chemo #6, Part 1.  I have been working very hard to ready myself mentally for these last two treatments.  Having had this past week of a pseudo-life, I can keep reminding myself that I will not always have to feel the way the chemo makes me feel. AND I am so close to the completion of this first type of treatments to rid myself of this horrible enemy.

I spent time with Simi and Huvie yesterday and they were thrilled with their “coconut puppy” and “licorice Kitty” from the American Doll Store.  Then they got the catalog to mark up their next purchases since they will become big sisters to a new brother “in 4 weeks” as Huvie (5) informed me many times.  They had a great time picking out their rewards and so I was their novelty of the day and their toy Jan got to relax.

Aaron visited late afternoon through evening and it is remarkable how being married has changed him.  He is now focused on money-making  and security  and having children and their future.  Just a short time ago, my baby Aaron was just enjoying Law School and Ice Hockey!  Time sure passes by swiftly and our economy makes people grow up in a snap and feel the stress.

So for today, my plan is to get some household and personal chores completed, read, knit, and stay focused mentally on the goal of complete health.  Please not only say an extra prayer for me but for someone else you know who is having a tough go of it.  My special prayers today go to my sister who is still valiently fighting this illness after 18 years.

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