Chemo#6, Day 2

Yesterday, I did have the strength to show up for the next to the last treatment.  My doctor was on vacation and I met with a young female Dr who had reviewed my files before meeting me.  Her First words were, “Don’t be afraid of what the scans will tell you because from the look of you (I gained the 8 pounds back), your first round of scans and what you are able to do right now, you are doing great.  This one sentence gave me the encouragement to go downstairs and get my treatment as well as lifted my hopes that I will be OK.  I have to believe she does’t say that to all of her patients.

After chemo, which I slept though, I had the energy to complete the sweater, read, make dinner, and stay awake until 10:30 PM!  Today I have some energy but the chemo nausea has returned so I will be limited on how much I can move around.  Jan is in Chicago so Rea is coming to baby sit today.

Not much more to tell. I have done my mitzvah (good deed) for today but cannot share what it is.  I am told there is more value when a mitzvah is done anonymously or not published so that is what I am up to. So now I am off to take my other meds, eat breakfast and return to resting. I am so grateful yesterday is over and only one more chemo treatment to go. 

Wishing you a activity filled, accomplished, and healthy day.

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