What a day! What excitement! So many emotions and so exhausted!

We are so very proud of Rea and how she handled her pregnancy and delivery.  She is a beautiful mother who is madly in love with her new son.  He is adorable and has all his parts in place and is very very hungry.  We will be able to spend more time with  him today at the hospital.

I am going to try to sleep this morning again because I not only hit the wall last night but continued to pound through it.  I am spent. BUT>>>I have a lot to do today.

There is a beautiful custom called a Shalom Zachar (welcoming the baby) to his first Shabbath,  So this Friday, Rea, Suie, and the baby will come stay with us here in NY and people will be able to come to our home Friday night to visit and wish them well.  I promised Shuie those rugallah so I have to bake them today and get ready for Friday night.

There will also be a Bris (circumcision) ceremony for the little guy sometime next week.  Then we will know his real name.  This is a custom to name the baby at the bris so right now we call him baby or beautiful baby boy.

Last March, when I was told I had cancer, my first thoughts were I was not going to be here for Aaron and Steph’s wedding or to see my first grandchild born.  Believe it or not, that was more devastating to me than knowing the battles I had ahead to get rid of this disease.  But by the grace of my Higher Power, I made it to both and have the possibility to see many more to come.  My legacy. My miracle.

So, I am back to bed for a little and then planning celebrations in honor of this beautiful little boy.  How blessed can one person get?  I am so looking forward to seeing my other children ( the new uncles and aunties) with their new nephew.  Picture Time!  

I am saying prayers of thanks and gratitude today.  I am so blessed.


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