After being discharged from the hospital yesterday, Rea, Shuie, and Baby moved in to our apartment for the weekend.  He is so little and very charming.  His Mom is quite tired so Auntie Shira, Zadie, and I (Bubbles) are taking turns rocking and keeping him occupied between feedings(that is if his Mom lets us).  Such joy.

Time is really going by quickly now that I have more freedom and mobility.  I am still in a little pain and using minimal meds and  trying to accomplish so much in a short time.  I do plan to be there for the first day of school and to meet the children in my classroom.  Then I will go to Dr. Appointments in the afternoon to get the dates for surgery.  I am getting anxious to have all of this behind me.  I want to go back to work and enjoy my family.

We will try to get to Cape Cod Labor Day weekend but taking it day by day.

I am grateful today to have my two daughters and son-in-law her with us and to be able to enjoy this new little guy. But especially to have a day of Jan. I am one very fortunate lady. Please continue those prayers.  It is not over yet.  I just got a miracle of a reprieve.

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