Quiet Sunday

The baby took his parents home last night, Shira is sleeping, and Jan is off to synagogue. So for a few minutes it’s pretty quiet around here.

I have been thinking about the next few weeks and trying very hard to stay in the moment.  This is a tough time.  It reminds me of the time when I was told I had cancer until the treatment plan was in place. So much goes through your mind, So many questions, so few answers.  I know that the doctors have seen the scans and are making a plan. That will be revealed the first week if September.  I am actually ready now to trudge on.  

The fatigue is still there but a little less each day, and the nausea is bearable.  So the chemo is also leaving the system.  Tomorrow I will do bloodwork to see how everything is going and continue to live my life as it comes.

I have the time this morning, to say prayers for many people I know who are suffering but also for those who are struggling day to day just to keep things going.  Times are tough but I know my  higher power has a plan for each of us.  I need to spend time reminding myself of just that.

I wish you a sunny day with great serenity. And a reminder to watch for those little miracles.

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