The bris was held last night and our new grandson does have a name.  Its Yonah Yaacov or Jonah J. Bochner in English.  His parents will call him Yonah.  He was wonderful during the bris and so many of our firends, family, and Rea’s friends and colleagues from school were there.  The get together was lovely. Shuie’s family prepared a lovely buffet and his younger brother, Shloime deserves so much credit for his culinary expertise.

I returned early and went straight to bed.  That is where I will be most of today.  I am just exhausted.

Shira returned to Boston last night and its really quiet around here. I do miss having my children around but know they are off living their own lives.  

For today I am very thankful that I had the experience this summer of seeing one child married and a new grandson born.  Now I will prepare myself for my next chapter of recovery. I will be making the time to meditate and pray more during this quiet time and just rest. (For those who know me well, I am trying very hard to sit still but my brain is going many places). LOL

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