As expected, Friday night and Saturday were just down and out functioning between the next time to take my meds.  I slept a lot but the discomfort this time was again somewhat worse.  It is now Sunday. I am awake and eating and hopefully will be able to stay awake long enough to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  Jan had to go to work  today so he can spend Tuesday and Wednesday with me at the Sloan.

My plan for today is to finish another sweater, rest and prepare my brain for the LAST TREATMENT on Tuesday.  As we draw closer to the conclusion of this poison, it gets harder to be motivated to do it. You would think I would be running for the finish line to get it over with.  Just not so.

I am not as anxious about these scans that I was about the last ones (talk to me Tuesday night LOL) since we have had good results so far and I will also get some answers for what lies ahead.  I am ready for this.

Hope you have a beautiful sunny Sunday and take the time to be grateful for those who are important to you.  I know I would never have gotten this far without my precious husband, Jan, and my fantastic children, Rea, Josh, Aaron, Shira, and their partners in life Shuie, Katherine, Stephanie, and Leo.  And of course I am looking forward to the little guy due in three weeks.


While I am barely functioning and waking from pill to pill, my precious husband has come down with a terrible cold and he is down and out also.  What a pair!  For today, we are asleep and working to get better.   Hope your day is filled with activity and joy. 


As expected, I woke up quite nauseous and very tired.  I am taking my meds, trying to eat something, drink some fluids and go back to sleep. I am so grateful that I am nearing the end of these treatments for now but it is easier knowing what feelings to expect and just go with them.

Looking forward to quiet weekend  with my husband and to ready myself for the next round.  Wishing all of you joy on this first day  of August.