Kidney Surgery — fourth report

I just woke up at 3AM so I am on my way to see her again and will report further.

Well, she is definitely working her way out. She seems much more lucid and the epidural is doing a great job of keeping her pain free. She says “Hi” to everyone and she expressed how much she appreciates everyones good thoughts and prayers. To help her along, the vigilant staff is in the process of giving her a second blood transfusion. Debbi said that when she saw the “white sleeve” she knew she was being given blood.

While it normally takes me only 6 minutes to give blood, it is usually administered over a two hour span. A few months ago in Urgent Care, one particular transfusion seemed to be endless. Our nurse, upon seeing our frustration, went to fetch a “white sleeve” (our name.. not the official name). Anyway, the white sleeve is placed over the bag of blood and just like a blood pressure cuff, the squeeze bulb puts pressure on the bag of blood so that it flows with some power. Simple application but highly effective. We have definitely seen some interesting medical procedures along the way.

Debbi sends her love to everyone and I plan to see her again around 5:30am.

Prayers and best wishes still accepted and gratefully appreciated.

Nite Nite.

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