Kidney Surgery — Summary of day 1

Several small but important strides were taken today in dealing with post-operation effects. Debbi managed to get up and on three occasions complete laps around the floor. At 130 of my paces that probably works out to around 350 feet or a bit longer than a football field per lap. Thirteen laps equals one mile. In addition, she trended towards “clearheadedness” (if that is a word). She also was able to eat a bit of jello and drink a little soup.

Dr. Russo stopped by and reiterated that all went well and that he was very pleased with the result.

The fun activity began about an hour ago. All of a sudden it became apparent that the dosage of Fentanyl going to the epidural was just too strong. Debbi started shaking and became very anxious. Jenny, our new nurse as of 7:30 pm acted quickly to notify pain management and recommend to them that they lower the concentration of the narcotic. This took a while to stabilize things but Debbi seems much better now. She had been a bit delerious and had shaking fits from time to time. Now she says that she is sore but overall in less pain than before. Certainly she seems more lucid especially when describing her pain to Jenny. Upon learning that Debbi is a regular Ativan user (Debbi takes this drug for its combination of anti-anxiety and anti-nausea effects), Jenny arranged for this medication regularly, as well as a one time extra dose prior to going to sleep for the night. Vital signs are expected to be taken at 11:30 and as it is 10:30 now, she will wait the hour before getting the extra dose. We are hoping that this will translate into a good night sleep.

So to all… a good night sleep and we look forward to more improvements tomorrow.

Zye Gezunt.

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