Kidney Surgery — third report

At approximately 11pm, Dr Russo met me and described a day of three challenging surgeries including Debbi’s. As in the other surgeries, he described going fiber by fiber, tissue by tissue, in order to be as thorough as possible. He did seem very pleased with the outcome. I do not know about Debbi, but I for one did not get a peek at the kidney.

Shortly after midnight I was allowed back in the recovery room to see my brave wife. Still at the beginning stages of working her way out of the anesthesia, she was happy to see me but uncomfortable at the lack of control. Any one who knows her knows, she likes to be in control. Well, this whole journey has been about lack of control and it is just going to take time to awake from the meds.

Due to the late hour, the decision was made to retain Debbi for monitoring in the recovery suite rather than send her down to her assigned room on the floor below. After about 15 minutes, I was asked to leave so that she could rest but was I was told to go for a nap in her room and check back with the recovery unit in a few hours.

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