Kidney Surgery — Wednesday Sep 24

Debbi went through a very painful cycle but all is back to normal now. It seems that while the Fentanyl Citrate concentration was adjusted, the dosing pump was not set correctly once the medicine was replaced. The net effect was that Debbi was getting less than 25% of the required medicine. Debbi kept saying that she felt much more pain than anything she had ever experienced… much more than childbirth, much more than the pain in her shoulder, much more than anything else.

During the night we requested the Pain Team to come but no one came. Finally at about 8am, after the new nursing shift arrived, our nurse called the Pain Team again, said Debbi was in excruciating pain and someone was here within 5 minutes. This pain doctor was very efficient, quickly reviewed the situation, and determined that the incorrect settings were the culprit. She reassured Debbi that all was going to be ok and administered a special bolus of the epidural medicine while she reprogrammed the pump. Just as she said, within 5 minutes all signs of the pain were gone and Debbi was able to relax.

Somehow, this period of intense pain set our progress back a bit and through 2pm today, the main activity has been sleeping. We were visited by our Physical Therapist who insisted Debbi get up and take a lap around the floor. He also did breathing exercises with Debbi. She fell asleep in between the exercises.

Also, we were visited by a team from Alternative Medicine who provided a reflexology foot massage accompanied by a live harp performance. Debbi was asleep as soon as the foot massage began.

We were given “orders” to keep up with the breathing exercises and to complete 5 additional laps around the floor. Somehow if she can stay awake, I think Debbi would really enjoy a class being offered later entitiled Relaxation Through Water Color. She has always enjoyed painting and she could certainly use the relaxation aspect.

As I mentioned, at 2pm she is sleeping comfortably and has been cleared to try solid food. I handed her the menu but she is just too tired to deal with ordering food even though she has not eaten solid food since 6pm Sunday night … almost 3 whole days.

Ok. More later. We are looking for good improvement from here.

Debbi sends her Love to all.

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