I’m Still Here but Barely!

This entry mat take many hours since my left hand movement has been curtailed but I know you will understand. Surgery was almost a week ago. I cannot tell you that recovery has bee seamless and comfortable. I ane his best to portray what is happening, but as usually,we have run into many unforseen complications and so life looks pretty bleek to me.

I must be grateful that the surgeries we set out to accomplish our goal of getting rid of the cancer has truly been successful. BUT again I had to have 3 blood transfusions and to fight of many multiple negative reactions to prescribed medications. One made me so delirious that did not recognize Jan nor did I know if i was awake or asleep. I am costantly fighting with the floorstaff and refusing to take medications to the point where I was completely unmedicated post surgey and in screaming. Not good for the healing process.

This is Jan taking over. As you can see from Debbi’s writings, she is out of it. She just woke up for a few moments and wanted so badly to type on the blog but by the time she got comfortable with the computer, she was already exhausted and had to go back to bed. I was planning to clean up her spelling and grammar mistakes but I think it is better to preserve her original work for historical purposes.

At this point, 10AM Sunday, we are waiting for Dr. Healey’s team, as I alluded to in the previous post. I touched base with them a few minutes ago and the team is still seeing patients on their floor. When they have completed their rounds upstairs, they assured me that they will stop down and visit Debbi in 518A following which I will share their findings with you.

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