Visit by Dr. Healey’s fellow — Sunday Sep 28th

OK. Dr. John (who just said his last name was too hard to pronounce) just concluded his visit from Debbi. He said that all of her pain is due only to the difficulty in the shoulder where the coracoid process meets the glenoid. In simpler terms, all the pain in her arm and shoulder is due to the problem that we have been describing in these blog pages all along. Based on a fresh reading of all her scans,  John said that all is as it has been except that she probably exacerbated the problem by using her arm to support her weight compensating for her weaker left side (due to the kidney operation) getting in and out of bed over the past few days.

Funny but Debbi had requested a sling yesterday to support her arm and the first words out of John’s mouth were…. “you need a sling to immobilize your arm/shoulder and let it rest”. We ordered the sling 24 hours ago and it has still not arrived. We are on a urology floor and they do not know from slings here. John said that he would bring us an appropriate sling with a strap to immobilize her arm.

John, Debbi, and I came to the conclusion that the best plan is to keep Debbi here in the hospital, maybe move her to an orthopaedic floor, and try to move the shoulder surgery up to Thursday September 2nd… 5 days ahead of schedule. We would have been able to lock all this in but John told us that Dr. Healey is now on a plane flying back from China. So we place ourselves in Dr. John’s care for a bit and wait for confirmation¬† on the new surgery date.

Dr. John has left to coordinate with Dr. Alex and the 5th floor resident… and to bring us a proper sling.

I am glad that Debbi is not going home today. I can not imagine how helpless I would feel if she screams out in pain and all I could do for her is say, “Honey, you have to wait another two hours for some more Tylenol.” I know there are stronger meds that can be taken at home but there is no staff to help. Best bet is to push for the early surgery and let her stay here until then.

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