This morning I will meet with Dr. Healey to discuss the surgery on my scapula.  I am ready.  I want this all behind me as soon as possible so that I can return to school and some semblance of the life I knew.

Speaking of school, I spent the day there yesterday trying to get my classroom in some working order so the children can arrive to a relaxed atmosphere.  It took a great deal of energy but I worked on it with Margel, my assistant, but there is so much to do.  I feel badly leaving so much to Margel and my substitute but there was no other alternative.  I will continue to supply lesson plans, visit periodically, and make the necessary name cards, song books, and other materials needed to incorporate our new curriculum.  I really miss my job and I miss the children.  I am so pleased that my children are quite a diversified group from at least 5 nationalities.This is great since there is the ability for tremendous cultural exposure and teaching acceptance and respect for one another.  I do need to brush up on my sign language before I return since I haven’t had anyone to sign to and i am getting rusty.

I am so grateful that I was able to see my colleagues yesterday and hear them relate how they pray for my recovery.  It reminds me how much is at stake here.  It’s not only my life I am fighting for but the comfort of my family and my many friends.  The respect and admiration that was conveyed to me has given me the strength to tell the doctors this week, ‘Let’s just do it”.   I am one very fortunate person with all this energy helping me take each step. 

For today, after seeing the doctor, I plan to stop at school and spend some time with my grandson and daughter.



I am leaving for a teacher’s meeting at school, helping to set up my classroom, have lunch with my colleagues, and return to NY for a nap.  I had a very rough night last night with pain in the shoulder.  I am very happy to see Dr. Healey, the orthopedist tomorrow morning.  Let’s get this show on the road already!!!!

Will write more later.  For today I am grateful that I have the ability to drive myself to Passaic and see my colleagues who have been so supportive to me on this journey.  I am no longer nauseous all the time nor sleeping constantly and I even made the trip home from Cape Cod wide awake.  Miracles do happen!


After a wild and crazy weekend with the family here at the cape, we are going home early to get ready for the week.  Jan has a great deal of work to do and I am heading to school on Tuesday morning.  I am so looking forward to seeing my colleagues and classroom but I also know it will be an emotional day for me.  I am still crying easily but the anger and fight inside me is growing daily.  I am getting closer to seeing the doctors and getting more treatment.  I want this nightmare behind me.  And I pray each day that the expected outcome will come true.

I did not get to draw because Aaron and I sat side-by-side addicted to this huge jigsaw puzzle.  But it was a joy to spend time with him parallel playing and once in awhile joining up to put things together and sharing the excitement. I know that this ritual has assisted in developing Aaron’s brilliant mind since he ha been doing these large puzzles with me since the age of three.

I must admit that I am sorry to return NY .  There is so much gardening and projects for me to do here in this magnificent location that I rue going back to our apartment.  But as long as Jan works in NY, that’s where we will make our home.  The kids make their “home” here at the Cape along withtheir apartments in Boston, SF, and NJ.

SO…Back to NY we go.  Today I am grateful that I was able to spend time here in our home and be awake most of the time.  This family is growing an changing, not always comfortably, but the love they share with one another is such a gift to me.  My legacy.