Shoulder Surgery — October 7th, 2008

Hello sports fans… this has been a season of lasts… last Yankee game at the House that Ruth built, last Mets game at Shea, and we are hoping that this will be Debbi’s last operation at MSKCC.

We arrived at 7:45am and were ushered into the pre-surgical suite for gowning, another check of vital signs, and a review of medical history. We were visited by Dr John (who would not tell us his last name) during our stay for the nephrectomy. This time, we twisted his arm and he told us that if we say “papa nice to see you” we would be very close to the pronunciation of Papanisstociu. Dr John brought his unique sense of humor and wide smile to cheer up Debbi and give her encouragement for the operation. He carefully marked her left shoulder so that there would not be any mixups in the OR. Shortly thereafter, a nurse came to escort Debbi to the surgical suites. Hugs and Kisses and she was off.

I expect the operation to take about 3 hours so I hope to update everyone around 1pm.

Stay tuned.