A Patch of Kindess

We just met with Aida of the Anesthesia Pain team who has alway been attentive to Debbi’s needs and has always tried to be as helpful as possible in suggesting medicines for pain relief. Based on Dr. Rothkopf’s suggestion (and also due somewhat to running out of options for trying to provide pain relief without nausea side effects), Aida calculated the equivalent performance of Dilaudid and ordered a 12.5mcg Duragesic patch for Debbi. The patch delivers appropriate dosing of Fentanyl transdermally over the course of 3 days. Thus, the patch that was just applied is good until Monday 10am. We were told that Debbi should be able to shower etc. without affecting the patch itself or its bond to her skin.

The patch is in place but it will probably be a good 7-8 hours before Debbi will feel any relief from the Fentanyl contained inside. It takes time to migrate from the reserve in the patch to the pain sensors that it will ultimately block. So now we basically wait and observe.

Having the medicine work effecitvely without nausea side effects will certainly be a kindess. Evenmore, Aida discussed the situation with Nurse Ratchett and lo and behold, Nurse Ratchett agreed with Aida’s suggestion that Debbi stay in the hospital until Sunday so that her benefit/tolerance from the patch can be assessed. Who would have guessed.

P.S. If the patch really works for Debbi, I suppose that Dr. Rothkopf will be the winner of GUESS THE DOSE!

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