Debbi’s Mom passed away

Libby Capin, Channa Libba bas Itzchak v Hinda, passed away Sunday October 19th, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania following a series of medical challenges.

We have, understandably, not written on the blog in a few days. Debbi was discharged from Sloan Kettering Saturday night. Her mom passed on Sunday morning and we naturally spent much of Sunday coordinating travel with our kids and communicating with Debbi’s father and her brother David, who lives a few short blocks from his parents’ home. The funeral took place Monday morning and Monday night began the final two days of the Sukkos Festival. Shiva, which could not commence after the funeral due to the holiday, began last night. So, this is about the earliest we were able to inform our readers.

On a more positive note, medically, I am pleased to report that Debbi is doing better. The patch has improved her quality of life. The 12.5 micrograms of Fentanyl being delivered on a continual basis seems to be enough to offset her pain completely 75% of the time and for break-through episodes, supplementing the patch with Extra Strength Tylenol seems to do the trick. Further, because the patch features a transdermal delivery, the medicine does not have to go through her stomach and as a result her bouts of nausea are much less frequent… just like Dr. Rothkopf predicted.

In preparation for seeing many people at the funeral and at the shiva who would want to give Debbi a hug for love, sympathy, and encouragement, we obtained a 6″ wide velcro strap designed for immobilizing the sholder so that friends would get the message “Don’t touch!” The strap did its trick and we found that it made Debbi more comfortable in the process. Once shiva concludes and we are back home, Debbi has to begin physical therapy and start working the shoulder joint and especially her left deltoid muscle which was detached to allow for the surgery and then re-attached upon its completion.

In blogging Debbi’s Journey, we often mention people who have a helped Debbi significantly. In this regard we extend notice and thanks to my sister-in-law Renee Buckler who arranged all catering needs for the Capin family for YomTov as well as for the Shiva in rapid fashion. Renee would humbly refuse the “thanks” but her efforts allowed Debbi to concentrate only on matters at hand and thus we offer the heartfelt Thank You regardless. And to our daughter, Rea and our PA sister-in-law, Joyce, who ran everything here in the home during the shiva week and holiday.

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