As, Jan has kept you all well informed, physically and emotionally this is one tough ride. I feel like I am finally crawling out of a very deep hole but as I near the top, it just gets more and more difficult.  I will not elaborate since I can barely type with the left hand in a sling but again I want to thank everyone who has helped us along this journey.

And then the road took a wide change on Sunday with the unexpected loss of my mother. In addition to sitting shiva here, I will sit my last night, Sunday, in CALDWELL, NJ at the home of Michael Nelson, Westville Avenue across from the Women’s Center from 3PM-6PM.  There will be a 4:30 Minyan as well.  I thought this would be easier than dragging our long time friends from NJ into NY given parking etc.

I must admit I am living in a blur not knowing what bed I am in, where I am, and then dealing with all the emotional stuff.  When I am feeling more clear, I will share more miracles I have gathered these past few weeks but for now, I will close.  The morning minyan will arrive soon and I am in my nightgown.

I wish all of you all serene day with appreciation that things are the way they are supposed to be for now.

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