Getting Better and Better

It is difficulty to sit for  a long period of time and type with one hand but I do wish to tell you that I appreciate all the visitors that paid condolences for my mother here in NY and in Caldwell and the beautiful cards, letters, calls, flowers and well wishes.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life that have assisted me not only through this 8 month journey but through this new loss.  I sometimes think I am in a time warp of living on a different plain watching all of you live because I am so overwhelmed emotionally and so uninvolved.  The good news is that we can no longer blame the meds because those seem to be in control for today.  Wednesday the stitches come out of the shoulder and rehab can begin.  I am still very very weak and the lack of energy is very frustrating for me. I know time will heal and I am such a fortunate person to have come to far in these treatments, but or course, I want to be me yesterday.  What a way to learn the lesson of life: that my higher power’s watch and my watch just are not the set the same.

I have a lot of miracle and special stories to share with you but no energy to type it all out now.  They are quietly and gently being store in my mind so as my energy improves, I will be able to share them.  For now, I wish you health, appreciation for this one gifted day, and contentment.

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