Taking It EASY

I am just taking it easy today trying to clean out a closet with one hand and doing the exercises on my shoulder. They really hurt!  And trying to get some nutrition in that does not upset my stomach.  

My patch fell off last night and I am going to try to go today without the narcotic.  If the pain is too much, I will ask Jan to replace it tonight.  I am so tired of these meds and I want to improve and to see what I can really do on my own.  But I must admit, I am tired.

The cold weather was quite a shock to me.  I missed spring, summer, and fall since I have literally been housebound for so long.  It’s kind of funny to begin my outdoor treks just where I left off (in Feb) with the cold weather again.  I do plan to walk outside again and if not, we have a gym in the building that I am going to become very friendly with in the next 9 weeks.  That’s what I’ve got time wise to get back to school.

For today, I will meditate on how fortunate I am that I am recovering from this nightmare and about times with my mother.  This has been a very important exercise for me.  It took her dying for me to better understand who she was and why she did the things she did.  But it is important for me to go through the process.

The excitement for today is that I get to take a REAL shower today which I have not been able to do for months due to stitches.  I will even wash my own hair.  So for that I am grateful.

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