I went all day without the medicine patch  and had tremendous discomfort.  I am just not ready to do without the pain meds yet.  Jan put the patch back on last night and I am feeling much better this morning.

At 8:00AM, I met my friend Gale and went to the Kosher Meat Market literally around the corner from my apartment.  I have been running back to FT. Lee to my favorite meat store when we needed fresh meat.  I must accept that I am living in NYC.  It was good and they delivered and so I am now able to make a change.  Then  I hit the grocery for more cooking items.

I have been cooking up a storm all day for the Sabbath.  Rea, Shuie and Yonah are coming for the Sabbath and friends/adopted family will join us for dinner.  Martine has cooked her way through all the holidays so that Jan had food to eat while I couldn’t function so I am so happy they are coming and Icould feel I am giving something back.  I will definately need a nap before dinner.

My hero, Dr. Zelefsky called to pay his condolences yesterday and shared how pleased my surgeons and oncologist are at my progress.  It sure felt good to know that I am on the road to recovery.  No promises but better.  Jan continues to help me do the shoulder exercises and on Monday I will go to the PT doctor. Progress AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Wishing you a peaceful, restful and contented weekend.

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