The recovery from the kidney surgery was much more than I expected.  It wasn’t the discomfort as much as the problem getting the meds regulated and then just having no more fight.  We were still trying to regulate them last night with a hospital nurse on the phone and a NYVN here in my home.  

Today I will go for another MRI on that shoulder (7th) and hopefully be ready to  meet Dr Healy tomorrow morning to prepare for Tuesday’s surgery.  I must admit I have had enough.  I am sure glad this is the the last of the the big treatment plans because I am finding myself unable to stay in touch with what is really happening. It’ s just too much.  I feel like a little tin soldier just doing what I am told and going through it.

It is difficult for me to sit too long so I will end this writing now.  I will feel the sunshine on my face today and be grateful I have made it this far. Thanks for all the cards, calls, and well wishes.


Since it is very difficult to to sit up now. I just wanted to keep you updated until I can gather the strength for more.

I will spend today resting and walking and trying to sleep and trying to sleep away the meds.  Hopefully by next week, these procedures will be completed and I will truly be on the mend.  The road has been mountainous  but not much more to go.  Gotta rest it up to take the next steps.

Thinking of all of you will love and appreciation.  Enjoy that sunshine!


I’ve really missed all of you but cannot stay in one space very long due to discomfort.The big kidney surgery in complete, I am home for a few days but am on heavy meds for pain.  I am getting ready for the next round which will begin with another MRI of the shoulder, meeting with Dr. Healey on Monday and Surgery on Tuesday. For today, I am trying to find a place to rest my body parts, get some nourishment and keep the pain under control. Please keep the energy flowing and prayers flying, my energy right now needs refueling.

Love you all